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June 18, 2010


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Our FF7 doujin Bubbles in Japan <3

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 18, 2010, 11:50 AM

:star: OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! :star:

:damphyr: Two weeks ago I posted an entry about how we participate in a contest from a Japanese World Wide Doujinshi Store: Manga Pal and that we win the prize. :-)

:damphyr: You can see the entry here:…

:damphyr: Now they talk about the convention where we were and put an article about us that you can see here:…
You can see some pictures taken too.

:damphyr: Since the text is all in Japanese (at the bottom of the web page), a friend of mine (a Japanese girl I like very much and that I met each time I go to Japan) did the translation for me:

:star: (Starts from the red bold title part)

<1st Prize>
Circle (group) name/ La Studio Gothika
Book name/ Bubbles 1


FF VII fanbook won the first prize.
This group, consists of 3 people: a writer, a comic artist and a producer, made a 32 pages of doujin-shi.
They overtook the Haruhi doujin-shi which marked the top on the first day and scored a glorious come-from-behind victory.

(Photo captions)
Left: You know the Naka-Panda voting box.
Right: They won a proud 1st prize by fair votes!

"BUBBLES 1" was superior in its hilarious story and had got quite a lot of laughs at the browsing area.
Maybe that raised people's evaluation and resulted in far more votes than the others.

Now, as always, the voice of the winner: Mr.NEXUS the representative of the group. He said he actually is a professional cameraman.

"MA SAMBRE (female) drew the comic, CLAUDE (female) created the story, and I took part in the producer to make this fanzine.
Unfortunately other two did not come here today because we had not even dreamed of winning any prize, but anyway thank you very much."

(Photo captions)
Left: LA STUDIO GOTHIKA/BUBBLES 1, which won the 1st prize.
Right: Mr.NEXUS, the producer of the group which won.

(Photo captions)
Left: The cover page of BUBBLES 1!
Right: Look the inside of BUBBLES 1!

The winner book will be offset-printed by Taiyo Shuppan (Taiyo Publishing Company) so that it can be sold at "Japan Expo", the largest in Europe, which will be held for 4 days from July 1st at the location near Paris.
We will visit "Japan Expo" too to deliver the printed book to the people of the winner group.

Hearing this, Mr. FREDERIC said "We will attend Japan Expo, too. I can't believe that printed books can be sold at a con!" He seemed delighted even more.

So we didn't missed the chance;
"Then, would you please have the offset-printed book autographed? We will take the autographed book back to Japan and sell it at a con in Japan!" We said.
"Oh, thank you so much. Then we will try making a fanzine written in Japanese."
"Really?! Will you make Japanese-written doujin-shi within this year?!"
So, suddenly,


Good, good.
We are share the same interest though languages are different.
That makes us able to understand each other and have fun together.
The World is connected vis doujin-shi.

So anyway, things progressed fairly smoothly, and it has decided that the autographed copy of Photocopy Fanzine Contest 1st prize will be sold at;

FF Series-Only Con "F~novum~II" at Tokyo Big Sight on July 18:

This was unexpected but really a good surprise.

What kind of doujin-shi they are making in Europe?
And, what is popular among them?
Or, how naughty their Yaoi(slash) is?

Please come to take a look on "BUBBLES 1" at Big Sight on July 18; just browsing is very welcome.
You will enjoy the jokes in European doujin-shi.

Like that, the first "Photocopy Fanbook Contest" in overseas made a quite success; we were even asked if there will be the next Contest.

:damphyr: We are so proud and so happy. I hope they will like the next doujinshi we will give to them. :heart:

:star: DOUJINSHIS :star:

:bulletpink:FF7 Doujinshi:bulletpink:

BUBBLES 01 DOUJINSHI by Sambre-sambre

Available in French: [Bubbles 1] English copies: SOLD OUT !!!

:star: PUBLISHED WORKS :star:

:bulletpink:Dark Prince (graphic novel):bulletpink:

DARK PRINCE +volume 1+ by Sambre-sambreDARK PRINCE +volume2+ Yaoi by Sambre-sambreDark Prince vol.3 cover +BL+ by Sambre-sambre

Available in English: [Volume 1] [Volume 2] [Volume 3]   
Preview: [Vol.1] [Vol.2] [Vol.3]

You can also order the book on (books in english) or

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